Jo North Canterbury
I have received regular reflexology treatments from Michelle over the course of the past year, for conditions as diverse as shoulder pain to carpal tunnel to mild depression. In every instance, the condition was improved by varying degrees, which I attribute to the reflexology (having had no other treatment at the time). In particular, I find that reflexology consistently improves my mental state, allowing calmer, more focused thought patterns and a more positive outlook on life. I would highly recommend Michelle as a reflexology practitioner.

Lisa Yardley Parklands
Balance is incredibly important to me – as a busy mother of two teenagers and a business owner working 6-7 days per week, balance allows me to function at my best. Michelle helps me to re-balance my life force – my energy – my spirit. She is fantastic and I always leave her clinic feeling calm, uplifted, rebalanced and at perfect peace with myself. Michelle is a wonderfully intuitive person. I truly look forward to my appointments. It is a real treat and if you are in to taking care of yourself, reflexology is a wonderful method of self care. I would recommend you put Michelle’s talents to work for you.

Shaun Weatherall hulk.co.nz
I have been a client of Michelle’s since 2007 during which time I have visited Michelle regularly. In my experience she has a large selection of treatments and techniques for various purposes. One of the things that sets Michelle apart from others is her ability to assess what’s required and when. At times Michelle combines treatment – something that we find effective with myself is reiki through reflexology this has many benefits. After my appointment with Michelle I feel centred, focused and I am able to see things on a level that they are meant to be. It allows me to hit the reset button.

Being a practitioner of an esoteric martial art, I am often subjected to physical and metaphysical attacks. Michelle assists / guides my body and spirit back in line. Something that isn’t always apparent immediately after my treatment but comes to the fore days afterwards.

I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is able to benefit from her exceptional talents.

Vanessa Reynolds Bryndwr
L ike many women, pregnancy took an unexpected toll on me, both physically and mentally. Constant lower back ache, pain in my hips, sore feet and increasing anxiety about motherhood led me to Michelle who tailored my massage sessions to address these concerns. As well as her skills in massage therapy, Michelle’s professionalism and discretion allowed me to fully relax and embrace the physical and mental serenity that I needed to enjoy the last trimester of my pregnancy. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to other women who would like massage treatments during their pregnancy either as a “treat” or to help with specific ailments.

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