Juanita Copeland Christchurch
S hell introduced me to the wonders of Reflexology about 6/7 years ago.  I began seeing her during my lengthy bid to become pregnant. 

Throughout several rounds of IVF and all that is associated with that, I got so much out of my sessions with Shell.  Each one is an emotional lift, induces quality sleep and helps realign whatever is out of kilter inside.  Shell is incredibly knowledgeable, well researched and provides a solid foundation for any treatment she offers, while at the same time really listening to what I need and have recognised within my own body. 

It’s a wonderful partnership and I feel no hesitation placing my well-being in her hands. If you are new to Reflexology or a regular, looking for a new Practitioner – look no further!!

Lisa Dunedin
I had the most amazing chakra balancing and reflexology session with Shell. She creates a truly relaxing experience and she is such a warm and friendly person too!

I fully recommended a visit!

Sonya Courtis Christchurch
S hell is an amazingly bubbly and heart centred practitioner. She has so many amazing tools to assist you in feeling better. I adore my time in her healing haven.

Lisa Yardley- Vaiese Swannanoa, North Canterbury
I ‘ve being seeing Michelle for treatments for 8-9 years now and just love the whole experience Michelle provides. From her easy online booking system, to arriving for your appointment – walking through the gate and into the tranquil garden, up the colourful path to the warm welcoming treatment room smelling so good it’s all preparing you for total relaxation and rejuvenation.

I love both her reflexology for rebalancing my energy, and massage for relaxing the body so we do a 50/50 session which is just the best! I leave feeling more centred and I always have the best sleep that night.

Michelle’s care and techniques will have you feeling fantastic too so make yourself an appointment today! I absolutely recommend it.

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