Aromatherapy Products

Perfect Potion

I use the Perfect Potion chakra oil range for all treatments involving chakra balancing. These oils are highly synergistic with a minimum of five oils used in each of the seven blends. Beautifully presented and divine on the senses, these are premium and available for retail purchase as individual oils or as a beautiful boxed set of 7 complete with a information booklet.

Zurma Oils

Sourced organically where possible, Zurma Oils are based here in Christchurch. They provide me with a diverse selection of aromatherapy oils for tailoring to your treatment and enhancing any after-care. They have a selection of carrier oils such as sweet almond, apricot kernel and jojoba for sensitive skin and organic rosehip. They have a full range of aromatherapy oils from lemon to sandalwood, and some great blends such as Positive (lavender, bergamot and geranium).

No one should be without lavender as the best multi-purpose first-aid oil and burning oils at home or work has a multitude of benefits. Ask me for info about these great oils.



Pure Fx

I use the Pure FX range from Aurora in Kaiapoi. These balms are carrier oil based with beeswax, arnica and Vitamin E as the key primary ingredients. Rich and emollient, they are further enhanced with essential oils such as the most popular Lemongrass and Ginger(Muscle Rub), Womens Blend, Pregnancy and Relaxing blends.

In addition to the balms, I use pepperminty paraben-free anti-inflammatory cream for your aches and pains and a hot-rub cream to free up those muscles and joints pre or post physical activity.

Ask me if you are interested in how the Pure Fx balms can support you outside of treatment.


Made at Oxford, I use Kayala emu oil based E-Balm blended with oils that include arnica, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, clary sage, clove and juniper berry. One of the very best balms available in New Zealand to relieve strained muscles and joints.


Bio-Regulatory Medicine

-Heel Products

Made in Germany, the – Heel range of products are from the global leader in scientifically-based natural medicine.

HEEL logo

Heel products

Probably most well known for Traumeel to support pain relief , trauma and discomfort, the range has nerve and sleep calming products, nasal sprays for sinus and hay fever, detox kits, and a huge range of items for treating all aspects for wellness. Products come in alcohol-free ampoules, tablets, alcohol based drops, creams, gel and sprays. I have been working with this range for a number of years and am impressed with the efficacy.slider-shaddow

Medicine Tree

A great range of holistic health products developed in Australia.

Many are sprays that are alcohol based with homeopathic compounds which speed their efficacy and makes them easy to use. Organo Adrenostress is the biggest seller and people have said they find it really effective to support tough / anxious times as well as a Post-Trauma spray. There are various organ support products such as gut support and recovery, pancreas and liver support. Organo Reprofem is available to support menopausal symptoms.

Medicine Tree also produce two great nutritional products focused on alkalising the body, detoxification, tissue repair and maintenance. Perfect for those looking to improve their overall health or maybe you are training and need mineral replacement.

With all the bio-regulatory medicine, consultation maybe required to determine the best product for you, and in some cases, testing will ensure the best fit.


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